VIRAL VIDEO ALERT! What’s in Spock’s Scanner?, Humor… It Is A Difficult Concept.

Have you ever wondered exactly what Spock was always looking at in that scanner thingy at his station on the bridge in Star Trek.  We always assumed it was porn (Vulcan porn: Porn Fahr?). Well, after some exhaustive research done by Black Moon CGI, we finally have an answer.

Thanks go out to our friend Beth Sumner, for bringing this brilliance to our attention.  Check out her website, otakulab!

GEEK ALERT! CBS Releases Star Trek: The Original Series Communicator App – Nerds Around the World Rejoice

Not a whole lot to say about this as it kind of speaks for itself but now you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Star Trek Communicator à la the Original Series (TOS) for $1.99.  It’s fully functioning and the animated cover even “flips” open with a flick of the wrist (or by sliding your finger on it).  It can be used for fun or to actually make calls (obviously, only on the iPhone).  It features sound effects and clips from the series. 

Of course, the moment I saw this, I had to have it and the only complaint I have is that the animation on the cover has a serious lag to it when opening it.  Other than that though, it works exactly as advertised and you can’t ask for more fun for $2 if you’re a Trek Dork like me.