MTV: ‘Awkward,’ ‘Girl Code’ Premiere Dates Announced

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Season Three of “Awkward” to Premiere on Tuesday, April 16 with Two Back-to-Back Episodes
Beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT and “Girl Code” to Debut on Tuesday, April 23 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

NEW YORK, NY (March 18, 2013) – MTV will debut the first half of its expanded 20-episode third season of the critically acclaimed series Awkward” on Tuesday, April 16 with an hour-long premiere event featuring the first two episodes back-to-back at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. The following week, MTV will debut new series, “Girl Code,” a spin-off of the successful comedic series “MTV2’s Guy Code”  immediately following an all-new “Awkward” on Tuesday, April 23 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

In the first two seasons of “Awkward,” Jenna Hamilton tackled the age old questions all teenagers face:  “who am I” and “who do I want be with?”  Now, as she enters her junior year at Palos Hills High, Jenna is finally confronting the daunting question: “who do I want to be?”  Season three picks up with Jenna feeling left behind now that Ming and Tamara start to blossom socially in ways that she hasn’t.  Once again, Jenna seems to be solely living her life through her relationship with Matty and is starting to question if there is more for her beyond her love life and the life that she knows at Palos Hills.   To check out the season three trailer, click here.

In the season three premiere episode Jenna’s junior year brings a wave of surprises and changes that potentially will impact her future in an indelible way and in the second episode, the death of classmate will leave Jenna to reflect on loss, grieving, and taking responsibility for a secret she’s keeping from Matty.

Additionally, will be the exclusive home for the first ever “Awkward” webisodes that will have a complementary storyline that is directly linked to an-air arc.  The first of the online-only webisodes will be available prior to the April 16 premiere, with subsequent webisodes available throughout the season.

As previously announced, Anthony Michael Hall will join the cast as “Mr. Hart,” a sadistic creative writing teacher who pushes students out of their comfort zones and Nolan Funk will play “Collin,” a new prep school transfer to Palos Hills.  Season three marks the return of “Awkward” stars Ashley Rickards as Jenna, Beau Mirchoff as Matty, Molly Tarlov as Sadie, Jillian Rose Reed as Tamara, Brett Davern as Jake, Nikki DeLoach as Lacey, Desi Lydic as Valerie, Jessica Lu as Ming, Mike Faiola as Kevin and Greer Grammer as Lissa.

The third season comes on the heels of a highly successful second season in which the show was Thursday’s #1 cable series among P12-34 and averaged a 1.9 rating among P12-34 and 1.9 million total viewers.  Additionally, the second season saw 36-percent growth among teens.

MTV’s new series “Girl Code” is a strong and smart female driven comedy series bringing millennial viewers a new, hilarious how-to manual full of over the top tips to push the envelope and open the dialogue about the wonders and woes of womanhood.  In the same style of irreverent commentary that fans have come to love on MTV2’s top rated series “Guy Code,” the new MTV series calls on female stand-up comics, actresses and musicians—and even a few guys—to weigh in on the sisterhood that all girls share.

For more ways to connect with “Awkward” follow the show on Twitter @MTVAwkward  or like it on Facebook.   

“Awkward” was created by Lauren Iungerich.  Iungerich and Erin Ehrlich serve as executive producers.

“Girl Code” was developed by Ryan Ling who also serves as Executive Producer. Darin Byrne and Paul Ricci are Executive Producers for MTV. Laura Murphy is the Director. The series is an original production by Viacom Media Networks.

Awkward will air internationally on MTV channels around the world beginning September 2013.

*Source: Nielsen. Live+SD. Ranked on 000s. Dates: 6/28/12-9/20/12. P12-34 unless noted. Teens: P12-17.

About MTV:        
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MTV Announces ‘Jersey Shore’ Ending After Upcoming Sixth Season, U.S. I.Q. Collectively Rises by 20%…

As expected, MTV has announced that they are canceling the highest rated series in the history of their network, Jersey Shore.  The unscripted (albeit heavily scripted) series following the exploits of twenty-somethings in South New Jersey that audiences have watched drink and screw their way through life will begin its sixth and final season on October 4th with a retrosepctive called – and we’re not kidding – Gym, Tan, Look Back will air on September 6th, ahead of the MTV Music Video Awards show.

Even we have to admit that Jersey Shore, although it makes your I.Q. drop by two points every time you watch it, was morbidly entertaining to a certain degree, but we certainly won’t be missing it.  The only reason we’re even reporting this is that it is the highest rated television show in MTV history and a pop-culture phenomenon.

But fear not, for those who are addicting to becoming dumber just from watching television, you can still catch the Jersey Shore spinoff, Snookie & JWoww as it was recently renewed by MTV for a second season.

Hey, Fartknockers! Beavis and Butt-Head Return Tonight To MTV With All New Episodes… REVIEWniverse Called It!

Back in July of 2010, when the ‘Tastic was just a wee baby, we did a piece discussing a piece from REVIEWniverse that claimed, without verifying or confirming any sources, that Mike Judge was planning on bringing the 1990’s animated hit, Beavis and Butt-Head, back to MTV with 30 new episodes.

At the time, as excited as we were to hear the news, we were skeptical to say the least because A.) we don’t like anonymous, unconfirmed and unverified sources and B.) the details seemed just a little too perfect.  Well, after more than a year later, today we are glad to say that we were wrong and REVIEWniverse was absolutely correct.  New episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head will air beginning tonight on MTV at 10:00 p.m.  What’s funny is that Kenny Herzog of REVIEWniverse was so moved by our idiotic piece back from last year that last month he even made a point to rub our noses in it, and for that, we feel honored because he has a lot more street cred than we do.

Kenny Herzog:

Told you :)

-Kenny H./REVIEWniverse

So, we humbly concede to Kenny Herzog and Robbie Wolliver over at REVIEWniverse on this one. They were right, we were wrong and we couldn’t be happier.

And for the record, if this teaser is any indication of what to expect from the relaunch, it’s funnier than ever.

Snookie: I’m a whore… hello?

Butt-Head: That’s how she answers the phone… uh… huh… huh… huh.

You Can All Relax: MTV Cancels Controversial Skins (Our Take)

In news that comes as no surprise to anyone, MTV has canceled the controversial drama, Skins and it will not be returning for a second-season. The American adaptation of the popular British show of the same title came under fire from parents’ groups for its graphic depictions of no-consequence teen drug and alcohol use and promiscuity. The watchdog group the Parents Television Council, was the most vocal in its campaign against the show, proclaiming it as possibly, “…the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen,” and urged the FBI to begin an investigation of MTV and the show’s producers for possible child pornography because of the depictions in the show by the actors in the cast, many of whom were under 18.

Now, as loathed as we are to agree with the PTC and other such similar groups as we believe that it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to monitor and control their children’s viewing habits and no one else’s, they were right on this one.  Now, we don’t necessarily agree with the contention that the show was engaged in the production of child pornography, but we do agree that it is by far the most vulgar and inappropriate show ever aired on basic cable.

We certainly aren’t in favor of censorship, however, there are certain standards that the networks agree to abide by even if they aren’t explicitly required by the FCC and those standards are pretty universal and are different for the over-the-air major networks, basic cable networks and premium cable networks.  MTV violated those standards by airing this show that should have never been on basic cable because of the content.  The fact is that, although the networks are under no obligation to be the guardians of our children, we’ve come to expect them for the most part to at least not go out of their way to make it difficult for us and we’ve known what to expect from them based on the venue.

Normally, we wouldn’t even assign any responsibility to a network over objectionable content, because as we noted, parents need to monitor their kids but there are two mitigating factors at play here: one, the noted violation of the “unwritten rule” and two, MTV and the cast actually defended Skins as “…a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way,” and that parents who have a problem with the content have “serious trust issues,” so, MTV has taken a position that they know what’s best for your children better than you do and therefore needed to be called out for it. Their argument fails miserably for a few reasons. First, not all kids are engaging in this kind of behavior to begin with and certainly not to the extent as depicted in such an exaggerated sense on this show.  We were all young once and God knows that we engaged in our share of self-destructive behavior, however, one of the bigger problems that this show has is that these kids face ZERO consequences for any of this behavior and there’s nothing real about that.  Furthermore, whether or not this behavior by teens is a reality or not is irrelevant.  It’s the duty of every parent to do what they can to keep their children from making bad choices and engaging in self-destructive behavior and it’s offensive and absurd that MTV’s position is that parents just need to accept that this behavior is happening whether they like it or not.  We’re not suggesting that MTV or any network needs to take a parenting role with our children, just don’t go out of your way to undermine us and make our jobs more difficult.  Also, any parent who trusts their teen is a f*cking moron.

As repulsive as the content was, we would have had no problem with it having been aired on a premium cable network such as Showtime or HBO.  It did not belong on a basic cable network and although the show was rated TV-MA DLS it was far worse than your standard TV-MA DLS fare and oddly, the show seemed to be specifically targeting minors and promoting the behavior depicted on the show.  If you don’t believe us, check out the Skins webpage and in particular click on the map in the upper right-hand corner labeled “Where It All Went Down” where teens are encouraged to:

Leave your mark on where it all happened! Browse and share the places where memories were made – and the scattered pieces of nights you can’t really remember. Post the truth about the biggest parties, heartbreak, friends, sex, and every kind of trouble.

…And they didn’t expect parents’ groups to be up in arms over a show that promotes this behavior? Where it gets tricky for us is that it appears that MTV was primarily intentionally trying to push these behaviors as a primary goal of the show because if the primary goal of the airing the show was to make money, they wouldn’t be marketing it towards children.  As we’ve noted several times before, advertisers are interested in one thing and one thing only:  the 18 – 49 demographic.  They don’t pay for advertising minutes based on youth viewership (unless we’re talking Nickelodeon or another children’s network).  So, the only conclusion that can be logically arrived at was that, at the time, MTV placed more of a value promoting this agenda than they did in having the show be successful and profitable. That’s not just bizarre… that’s just plain creepy.

Despite the noted content issues we had with it, its undoing was the fact that it really wasn’t a very good show.  We watched it, found the characters and situations to be completely unrealistic and overall the show had nothing but a negative, pessimistic view of life in general.  The characters were completely unlikable and unrelatable and left the viewer with no reason to want to return the next week.

The ratings, although sharply declining over the course of the first season weren’t that awful by MTV’s standards for the timeslot, and any other show probably could have survived for a second season but the PTC raised so much of a stink contacting advertisers that within two weeks of the premiere lost six major advertisers including Taco Bell, GM, Wrigley, Subway, H & R Block and Schick.  With the word out on the street that advertisers were running away from the very controversial content on this show, there was ZERO chance for a second season.

We say, “good riddance” and maybe MTV will think twice next time about putting such an inappropriate show on their network and marketing it toward kids. If you never watched the show, here’s a small sample of what you missed, and this is just the trailer so it’s tame compared to what was actually on the show.

TV SCOOP! REVIEWniverse: Mike Judge Working on Re-Launch of ‘Beavis and Butt-head’ (30 new episodes)

According to REVIEWniverse, plans to bring Beavis and Butt-Head back to television are currently in the works. An anonymous source is quoted as stating that creator Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Office Space) is currently writing the outlines for 30 new episodes, with the intention of airing them on MTV again where the show originally ran for seven seasons from 1993 – 1997 and yeah… I’m aware that the math on the seasons doesn’t work. Take it up with iMDB:

…And in the meantime read the entire article from REVIEWniverse about the future of our favorite fart-knockers:

Full Article

Now, my take:

As much as the concept off B & B returning after more than 13 years is exciting, I’m containing my enthusiasm and reserving judgment on the validity of the information as reported by the anonymous source for a few reasons.

First, Journalism 101.  My cousin Matt Volke over at The Movie Bros. can correct me on this but, if I’m not mistaken, before you run with a story like this, shouldn’t you have the information that your third-party source provides you verified independently first?  The article indicates but one anonymous source.

I don’t know much about , the parent site of REVIEWniverse, but it seems to be just a collection of bloggers, so obviously the same journalistic standards wouldn’t normally apply but this story is being picked up by major outlets who are now reporting it verbatim, so you would think that sites like iMDB or AOL TV would want to make sure that the information was verified by at least ONE independent source before publishing.  Apparently, they aren’t nearly as concerned about the integrity of their information as I am, but you all know how flippin’ serious I am about TV.

What’s really funny is that AOL TV has taken the suggestion by REVIEWuniverse that Judge could re-launch the series on the web if MTV doesn’t green-light it and turned it into he already intends to as a fall-back position.  Pathetic. FAIL.

In any event, though, I find this notion that Mike Judge wants B & B back on MTV highly suspect to begin with anyway.  MTV is not the same network that it was in 1992 (when the actual first episode of the show aired) and it’s not even the same network it was in 1997 when the show was cancelled.  Yes, back then MTV used to be the home of Liquid Television and Ren & Stimpy  second runs, but it certainly isn’t friendly to that kind of programming anymore and of course the demographics of that network aren’t the same as they were back then either.

The other issue with this is that Mike Judge isn’t some upstart anymore who can only get a shot on a basic cable network.  He’s got a bit more street cred than that with one of the most successful prime time shows (animated or otherwise) of all time under his belt with King of the Hill and several successful movies (Office Space, Idiocracy, Extract and of course Beavis and Butt-Head Do America).  Sorry, but there is about as much of a chance of Mike Judge doing anything on MTV as there is of J.J. Abrams doing a show on a local public access channel.  As a nod to Office Space I can so only one thing to this possibility: Naga… Naga… Na-gonna happen.

Finally, don’t the details of this article seem all just a little too perfect?  I mean, not only is Judge bringing back B & B but he wants to do it exactly like he did it in 1992 and even on the same network? Holy crap, Santa really DOES exist and he’s finally giving me the Christmas I’ve always wanted.

So, to sum up, I’m not dismissing this story outright, but needless to say,  I remain quite skeptical about the details of it as reported.

What I’m guessing is that Judge does intend to bring back B & B in the near future and is indeed writing up the outlines for the 30 episodes (and in this climate of reboots and re-launches, there would be no better time) but I’m guessing that the details aren’t nearly as fine-tuned and specific as the anonymous source claims that they are.

Still, though, I can’t help but to be excited at the prospect of my favorite idiot head bangers in the 21st Century.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present you with the classic B & B episode Vaya Con Cornholio: