ALERT! Lisa Edelstein NOT Returning For Eighth Season Of House This Fall

As we reported last Monday, FOX finally came to terms with Universal Media over the rights for the eighth and final season of House.  The holdup was over production costs and in particular cast salaries and what we didn’t know at the time that we know now is that what made the deal happen is that when season seven ended, many of the cast members contracts had expired and Edelstein, Omar Epps  and Robert Sean Leonard were all asked to take pay cuts.  Epps and Leonard agreed, however Edelstein declined and will not be returning this Fall.  Yes, we know this news is a little late, however, we had more important stuff going on last week with the upfronts and the like.

So, the highly anticipated Cuddy/House romance is officially over after barely getting out of the starting blocks.  We wonder how they’ll explain her departure.  We suggest meat-packing plant accident.  Your thoughts?