June 2015 Sony PlayStation Instant Games Collection vs. Microsoft Xbox Games With Gold

Games-With-Gold-Vs-PlayStation-PlusWelcome to the first post back after a long hiatus!  What can I say other than life gets in the way… as does trolling asshats on Facebook at a professional level.  But we’re back and I’m retired from trolling and we’re looking to cover not just TV, but the cool stuff in pop-culture that interests us.

As noted by the very unambiguous title, gaming is going to be one of the topics we regularly cover and one of the most obvious stories to tackle on this, the first day of June, 2015 is a comparison of the free games offered to Sony PlayStation Plus members in the Instant Games Collection and to Microsoft Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers via Games with Gold program this month.

Nothing fancy here, just going to lay out who’s got the edge this month and keep in mind that Sony always has a slight advantage right out of the gate simply for the fact that they offer free games for the PS Vita, as well (that are often cross-platform), and MS does not have a handheld console. Also, PlayStation should get the edge in marketing, simply for the fact that Xbox doesn’t make a cool video every month leaving us to resort to Major Nelson’s blog for this information.

After a miserable May with ZERO Triple-A offerings and by far the worst selection of free games since Sony started this program, they need to come out of the gate swinging in June.  Let’s see how they fare:

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

This month PS4 seems to have the upper-hand right away among current gen consoles by giving away the deceptively described and titled Triple-A game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes to subscribers for free.  Why is is it not only a deceptive Triple-A title and a deceptive title for a game?  Well, it appears that Sony thinks that we’re stupid and that we don’t know that MGS5:GZ is basically a one-level demo that they tried selling for 40 bucks USD that so enraged players due to its misleading nature that they boycotted it in droves and it soon wound up in the $10 bargain bin.

Want an idea of how limited this game is?  Here’s a video of a player completing the game… in under four minutes (not a typo).

And why is the title deceptive?  Because it’s obviously not a full game and labeling it as the fifth installment is obnoxiously misleading… especially considering that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (the REAL fifth installment) gets released later this year.

As for the other titles, Skulls of the Shogun looks like fun but what’s setting the PS4 apart this month among current gen consoles is the two cross-platform Vita games Super Exploding Zoo and Futuridium EP Deluxe giving PS4 a total of four games this month.

For $50 per year, X1 owners can have it done for three months straight.

For $50 per year, X1 owners can have it done for three months straight.

As for X1, Massive Chalice seems like very decent turn-based strategy game but the kick in the nuts for X1 owners is that for the third month in a row, Pool Nation FX is available for free for those of you who missed the chance to download the digital version of Ambien the first two times around.

So, effectively, X1 owners get one lousy game this month compared to the four that Ps4 owners get (including the limited, albeit still Triple-A MG5:GZ).

Advantage: PS4

PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360

As noted, May was miserable across all platforms for Sony but considering the fact that the chance for Triple-A free titles on the current gen consoles is so limited, we’ve come to expect some decent offerings in that department from PS3 and 360 and lately 360 really has been stepping up its game while PS3 offerings have been rather lackluster.

Since it’s only fair to base value comparisons on the quality of Triple-A titles and the last gen consoles offer more of them, more often, how the two programs stack up against each other with their respective last gen consoles is the most heavily weighted factor in the showdown.

This month PS3 is offering Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, a generally well-received FPS from 2013 set in the Old West and the very popular platformer Cloudberry Kingdom.

On Xbox 360, however, this month subscribers will get the very popular Just Cause 2 on June 1st  and 2014’s Thief on June 16th.

Now, it should be noted that Sony gave away Thief back in February and that the overhyped, Triple-A title has suffered from mixed reviews since it was released but the obvious advantage that Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers have is that they get to keep their free games should they ever cancel their membership and that’s something that PS+ subscribers can’t say.

Advantage: Xbox

WINNER: Games with Gold

Unfortunately for PS+ subscribers, the nonsense that is the MSG5:GZ Triple-A installment and three additional games on the PS4 isn’t enough to overcome the bad taste in our mouths from last month or the fact that the 360 is offering two high-profile Triple-A games.

It’s not just about quantity, it’s about quality and value and GwG wins by a landslide this in June.

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