U.S. Premiere Date Of Season Three Of ‘Sherlock,’ Benedict Cumberbatch Confirms Fourth Season


By now, you know how much we love the BBC’s Sherlock and we found out recently that Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of the titular character in this contemporary take on Sir Arhtur Conan Doyle’s classic, has confirmed that there will indeed be a fourth season (series) of the hit series.

The remarks came at the South Bank Show Awards in London on March 12th, where Cunberbatch also verified the return of his co-star Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson.

“We’ve agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that.  All I know at the moment is I’m doing these three [episodes of the upcoming series] and another three.”

Cumberbatch also stated that both he and Freeman are very interested in doing more seasons, noting that it is all dependent on he, Freeman and showrunner Steven Moffat’s availability.

“It just depends on Martin and I’s availability, how long we can keep it going. It depends on Steven’s ability. I’d love to keep it going.”

Season (series) three of Sherlock was supposed to begin shooting in 2012 but was delayed until January 2013 because of he and Freeman’s schedules (Cumberbatch was shooting the latest J.J. Abrams Star Trek film and Freeman was shooting The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey… with Cumberbatch) and has been delayed yet again as Cumberbatch was recently in Germany shooting the Wikileaks film, The Fifth Estate. Steven Moffat is also the showrunner on the hugely popular Doctor Who so getting everyone together at 221B Baker Street is proving to be challenging.

That being said, production on season (series) three of Sherlock has begun and U.S. audiences can expect new episodes this winter.

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