MTV Announces ‘Jersey Shore’ Ending After Upcoming Sixth Season, U.S. I.Q. Collectively Rises by 20%…

As expected, MTV has announced that they are canceling the highest rated series in the history of their network, Jersey Shore.  The unscripted (albeit heavily scripted) series following the exploits of twenty-somethings in South New Jersey that audiences have watched drink and screw their way through life will begin its sixth and final season on October 4th with a retrosepctive called – and we’re not kidding – Gym, Tan, Look Back will air on September 6th, ahead of the MTV Music Video Awards show.

Even we have to admit that Jersey Shore, although it makes your I.Q. drop by two points every time you watch it, was morbidly entertaining to a certain degree, but we certainly won’t be missing it.  The only reason we’re even reporting this is that it is the highest rated television show in MTV history and a pop-culture phenomenon.

But fear not, for those who are addicting to becoming dumber just from watching television, you can still catch the Jersey Shore spinoff, Snookie & JWoww as it was recently renewed by MTV for a second season.

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