GEEK ALERT: Fangirl Academy Launches YouTube Channel, Fangirl Diary TV… SUBSCRIBE!!!

The Ladies of Fangirl Academy (From Left to Right):
Elle, April & Jessica

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of Fangirl Academy’s brand new YouTube channel, Fangirl Diary TV. Now, we just discovered the Fangirl Academy a few weeks ago when Facebook suggested this cute, elfin-like redhead named April Marie Eden who happened to have a lot of the same famous SciFi people on her friend’s list that we did.  We did a little research and we found out all about April and the Fangirl Academy and realized that it would probably be in The ‘Tastic’s best interest to keep an eye on her and the goings-on at the Academy.  April graciously accepted our friend request and she and her cohorts, Jessica Hendrickson and Elle Viane Sonnet (of Chicly Geek News), have been keeping us entertained and informed ever since.

From the Fangirl Academy Facebook Page:

You gotta love it when the Vulcan salute is thrown out in their first video as a matter of course.  Respeck, yo.

Here’s the release for the launch of the new YouTube Channel and below are the videos they’ve posted so far,  Enjoy and subscribe (and subscribe to us for crap’s sake if you haven’t already.)!

(Click here to go to Fangirl Diary TV on Youtube)

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