AMC Cancels The Killing After Two Seasons, 20th Century Fox Shopping It…

AMC announced on July 27th that they would not be renewing their highly acclaimed series, The Killing, after only two seasons.  The sophomore series revolving around the murder of Rosie Larsen, a 17 year-old girl in Seattle, saw a dramatic ratings decline in its second season following a controversial season one finale in which her killer was not revealed. This prompted a backlash from critics and viewers alike who simply could not handle the fact that their dramatic television wasn’t completely spoon-fed to them.

(Our Review of The Killing)

Not only are we not particularly surprised by this development, we aren’t bothered by it because in our opinion, once the killer was revealed, regardless of the ratings drop, that was really as far as the ride could go.  The Killing was specifically about Rosie Larsen, the Larsen family, Detectives Linden and Holder and the Darren Richmond mayoral campaign.  Once you remove any of those elements, it’s no longer the same series.   The second season ended on an absolute high-note and we just assumed that would be the end and we were fine with that.

That’s why we were particularly surprised to learn that 20th Century Fox Television is shopping the series to other networks.  This is one of those rare cases where we hear about one of our favorite shows canceled by a network and then shopped where we just want to tell the studio, “Let it go.  You had a great run.  Don’t spoil it.”  Yes, we appreciate that the studio believes that the series can still be profitable, however, pushing for a show to be picked up when you have to change the most basic elements that made the show so fantastic, doesn’t seem like a noble or worthy effort.  Even if a network does pick it up (which is highly unlikely), it’s almost a guarantee that its ratings will fall off the rails completely.

So, 20th Century… we’re begging you; allow us to remember The Killing as the fantastic piece of television that it was.

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