ABC: ‘The River,’ ‘GCB,’ (UPDATE: ‘Missing’) Canceled… 13 Renewals Announced

Like NBC, ABC made a lot of moves this week.  The most notable for us is the cancellation of The River, which we aren’t surprised about at all but we loved this show and it just got better despite the haters. On the upside, as we reported, ABC Television Studios is still in talks with Netflix and as we reported in March, and part of those talks include the possibility of continuing the series into a second season.  Since we haven’t heard any news suggesting that it’s off the table, we remain hopeful.

Also, GCB and Pan Am have officially been canceled as well. We’re a little surprised about GCB which seemed to be the heir-apparent to the departing Desperate Housewives but we weren’t surprised at all about Pan Am which was just mind-numbingly dull and disappointing.

UPDATE: We got word while out of town that the Ashley Judd spy-thriller, Missing has been canceled.  Decent show, but flawed, and it’s no surprise that it didn’t catch on especially considering the spring premiere when no one’s paying attention.

As for renewals, there’s a ton and there’s not a whole lot of surprises, here.  Here’s the complete list:

  • Modern Family
  • The Middle
  • Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23
  • Happy Endings
  • Suburgatory
  • Last Man Standing
  • Scandal
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Private Practice
  • Castle
  • Body of Proof
  • Revenge
  • Once Upon A Time

One comment on “ABC: ‘The River,’ ‘GCB,’ (UPDATE: ‘Missing’) Canceled… 13 Renewals Announced

  1. Well, I have to say .. since I never even SAW Pan Am, or the GCB what the HECK did that even stand for? Hubby and I came up with some interesting ideas … ;-0. And, after eps. 2 of RIVER, didn’t even remember it was on…

    Glad TOUCH will be renewed, though I’m slightly surprised. Wouldn’t think the general pop. would like this one. Some of it is pretty silly, and wish they would have Jack, er, whatever Dad’s name is, be a bit more realistically responsible…. Will be interesting to see where they go with this. If it’s a “mystery of the week” – it’s not going to work. They really need to dig into the characters, put ii a bit more of the actual science behind this and autistic children, and, of course, move it along!

    PLEASE get rid of the darn Hospital evening soap operas! HOW can Grey’s STILL be on??? And Practice??? sad, sad, sad.

    Scandal is pretty good – it has us hooked. Course, great cast, good story line, love the gay Presidential adviser – I mean LOVE IT!!! He steals the show whenever he’s in a scene!!

    OK, off to bed with me…. TTFN … LLAP…

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