CONFIRMED: Breaking Bad Fifth And Final Season Premiere Date And News On Split Season

Fans, we finally have an (almost complete) answer to the question on everyone’s mind, which is, “When does the new season of Breaking Bad begin?”  After last season’s shocking finale, we can’t blame them.  To our eternal shame, we only got into Breaking Bad in October of 2011 and that was solely based on a recommendation from Brian Volke over at The Movie Bros.  To our credit, we were so captivated that we watched the first three seasons on Netflix within 72 hours, not even stopping for bathroom breaks (iPad), grocery store (iPhone), school Halloween carnivals (iPhone) or while driving (iPhone… plugged it into the AUX jack and listened to the third season episode, Fly).  After that, we went to VuReel, downloaded 11 of the 13 season four episodes and then we realized that we could by them at iTunes so we picked up the two remaining… and watched all of season four in a day.  Needless to say that we discovered very quickly that Breaking Bad is not just the best show on television currently, but it’s one of the best shows ever produced.

Bryan Cranston arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 23rd to begin production on the fifth and final season of AMC’s acclaimed dramatic series and less than a month later he has confirmed that the new season will premiere in July, 2012 (in about three months for those of you not so good at math).  The interesting part is that it was announced last year that the final season would consist of 16 episodes so that got everyone speculating that the final season would likely be split into two parts.

Well, it’s not speculation any more as Cranston has stated that they will indeed be splitting the final season into two parts, producing the first eight episodes and then halting production for four months and finally shooting the final eight episodes which will air in early 2013.

So there you have it, Breaking Bad is coming back in around 90 days or so and when we have an exact date we’ll, of course, let you know.

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