NEW SHOW ALERT: NBC’s Awake Pilot Episode Available For Streaming Here Ahead of Premiere!

NBC’s new high-concept drama Awake won’t premiere until Thursday but NBC has posted the pilot in its entirety, commercial-free in 720p HD on YouTube and we thought it would just be easier for you to watch it right here instead of having to track it down on.

Now, if you’re like us and don’t like watching TV on your computer, go here and download Freemake (it’s free!) for one touch downloading and converting of online videos.

Once you download and install Freemake (the web browser add-ons are very handy), you’ll have to click the YouTube logo on the video player to watch the video on YouTube. Then, by clicking on the Freemake button on the browser, Freemake will begin the download process and ask you what format you would like to convert the video to including DVD and Blu-ray if you want to burn this to disc and watch it right on the disc player of your choice.  Transversely, you can also download the video and convert it by copying and pasting the YouTube link address right into Freemake when the program is open (drag-and-drop, too).

(Copy and paste into Freemake:

For our part, we just downloaded it using the Freemake Video Downloader (different program, available here) and streamed the video right to the Playstation 3 using PS3 Media server.  Playstation 3 owners, PS3 Media Server is a free program and a MUST HAVE!


6 comments on “NEW SHOW ALERT: NBC’s Awake Pilot Episode Available For Streaming Here Ahead of Premiere!

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  2. Watched this last weekend, was a good pilot episode although I’m afraid people will stop watching very quickly because the viewer has to pay attention, has to think…that will be difficult for most!

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