SCOOP! Gamera Reports: Christopher Meloni Joins Cast of True Blood For Season Five

True Blood correspondent Gamera, via THR, is reporting that long-time Law & Order: SVU detective and former Oz inmate, Christopher Meloni will be joining the cast of HBO’s vampire hit gore-fest, True Blood for its fifth season.  According to show creator, Alan Ball, Meloni will play  “an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.”  Meloni, of course, recently left SVU after twelve seasons over a contract dispute and it’s been unclear until now what his plans were.

Now, don’t forget that in June, it was announced that Scott Foley would appear in the final episode of season four and would continue into season five as a recurring character, presumably with a major story arc.  At the time we had no idea of his role, but now we know that Foley plays Lt. Patrick Nevins, Terry Bellefleur’s, commanding officer when he served in Iraq. So, we actually have a little sneak peek already of what lies head of us for season five, and it’s gotten a huge boost in the credibility department with the addition of Foley and Meloni to the regular cast.

Yes, we freely admit that we have been very critical of True Blood in the past due to its “kitchen-sink” mentality, especially when it comes to supernatural adversaries (this is, if you recall, how Gamera got his job with The ‘Tastic as the True Blood correspondent as he was promised the role of the main adversary in season five), but we have to admit, season four was fantastic and the end was so brutally shocking that it left us speechless.  So needless to say, all of us (including Gamera, who still claims to be part of the fifth season cast) are really looking forward to season five.

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4 comments on “SCOOP! Gamera Reports: Christopher Meloni Joins Cast of True Blood For Season Five

    • MARCEL.

      First two seasons were GREAT! I would definitely see if you could find those to watch before diving into the oddness that has become TB. As I’ve not read the novels, I don’t know if the writer meant for the show/ characters to go in the way they have, but seems a MARKED divergence from the first two seasons. Saying that, I DO know that some characters were kept on due to popularity with the viewers, so that HAD to change plot lines, which have become quite convoluted…. So, yeah, watch Season 1 & 2 — THEN catch up with the rest of them 🙂 IMO…. of course 🙂


  1. NO, NO, NO — please say it isn’t so?! I was hoping to have finally seen the last of him after he left SVU. ugh. Guess the best of him was left in OZ … to which I think he was fine in that performance, but lacked much of anything in SVU .. and the thought of him degrading TB? gag! just MO, of course….


  2. I always liked him on SVU. The problem with SVU is that it’s as vanillas as every other L & O and every police procedural. I think he’ll do fine on TB.

    I thought season three was very lame as well but season four was fantastic.

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