ROUNDUP! CANCELED: The Playboy Club, How To Be A Gentleman, Charlie’s Angels. FULL SEASON ORDERS: Revenge, Suburgatory, Ringer, MORE…

In news that makes us say, “Thank God,” because we don’t have to do reviews on these horrible shows that we actually did suffer through for our readers, How To Be A Gentleman and Charlie’s Angels have both been canceled by CBS and ABC, respectively. So, in lieu of the reviews that never happened, we will say that both of these shows were horrible and we will not miss them.  On the upside for fans of the moderately popular and successful Rules of Engagement (not us), it will not be airing on Saturday night as was originally planned but will be moving back to the highly coveted lead-out of The Big Bang Theory spot of Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.  As an aside, we don’t care about Rules of Engagement but seriously, how stupid was it to choose How to be a Gentleman over Rules of Engagement? That show was on its own level of horrible.

Also not surprising, last week the American adaptation of the popular BBC show, Free Agents was canceled by NBC, as well.  We liked Free Agents but we didn’t see it having much of a future after the first week’s ratings.  In related news, TNT has also canceled Memphis Beat after two seasons, The CW has mercifully canceled the repugnant H8R and NBC has ended the faux-controversial yet increasingly lame propagandist piece, The Playboy Club.

Now to the positives and we’re just going to list who the big winners are, so far (for right now, anyway, until someone decides to cancel them).  Unless otherwise indicated, all of the shows listed have received a full-season order.

  1. Up All Night  – NBC

    Strike Back Renewed For Second Season

  2. Whitney – NBC
  3. Revenge – ABC
  4. Ringer  – The CW
  5. Hart of Dixie – The CW
  6. The Secret Circle – The CW
  7. Suburgatory – ABC
  8. New Girl – FOX
  9. 2 Broke Girls – CBS
  10. Strike Back – Cinemax (renewed for second season)
  11. Boardwalk Empire – HBO (renewed for third season)
  12. Sons of Anarchy – F/X (renewed for fifth season)
  13. The Simpsons – FOX (renewed for two more seasons after current season)
  14. Prime Suspect – NBC (six more scripts ordered)
  15. Harry’s Law – NBC (six more scripts ordered)
  16. Happy Endings -ABC (six more scripts ordered)

We can’t say that we’re particularly surprised at any of the results right now except with the exception of Whitney which may be the second worst sitcom ever aired. What is refreshing, though, is that the networks seem to be committing pretty early and a lot more is being kept, at least in the short-term, than was last year.

4 comments on “ROUNDUP! CANCELED: The Playboy Club, How To Be A Gentleman, Charlie’s Angels. FULL SEASON ORDERS: Revenge, Suburgatory, Ringer, MORE…

  1. Wow, there is a small amount of thinking going on in “Hollywood,” Though, granted, most of it is far too late to save thousands, if not millions of wasted dollars.

    Come on…a tired, bored, disinterested (and disINTERESTING) retread of Charlie’s Angels? Who were they kidding? It was s00ooo horrible, we couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes.

    Aren’t all these big, fancy-schmanzy studios supposed to have a test audience? If so, the audience who saw this and approved of it needs to be cast in THE WALKING DEAD. And not as someone alive….

    I have to laugh at when you write “a full season ordered.” Remember the “good old days” (all of maybe 5 yrs ago?) when a SEASON meant 22 episodes? Now, heck, 6 episodes is good enough for LUTHER, SPARTACUS, and a few others, while 10 or 12 is the “norm” in these oh, so turbulent times.

    Not that I am complaining about LUTHER nor SPARTACUS. Those are shows I – and a number of my friends – enjoy greatly, and await new chapter with eagerness. How could we not, with the dirth of watchable Television that is being foisted upon us?

    What happened to FALLING SKIES? Or did this, too, fall to the idiots in the marketing department? My cable company didn’t see fit to show us the last episode, for those who weren’t around to watch it when it aired. Thanks, Comcast/XFinity. Maybe it has something to do with the split personality of the cable company? Who knows…. good theory, and better than some plots I’ve been subjected to recently.

    For you list, can I please pick it apart? Huh, huh, please? Mom said I could…. O.o

    Up All Night – NBC

    Strike Back Renewed For Second Season — Good story, lots of action ( in ALL senses of the word – nice to see some male T&A for a change…), and gotta love those Aussies/ Kiwis who can sound “American,” even tho their walk and clothes are a dead giveaway…
    Whitney – NBC – Huh? Never heard of it…
    Revenge – ABC – Should be on CW or some other “twit” channel. Good in short doses
    Ringer – The CW — Where are all the fireworks promised? I’m waiting….
    Hart of Dixie – The CW – Lawd, Help Us!
    Suburgatory – ABC – Please, go BACK to purgatory, where you belong
    New Girl – FOX – Is this another CW reject?
    2 Broke Girls – CBS – And, again, trying to get the CW crowd – with a side order of schmaltz, to go…
    Strike Back – Cinemax (renewed for second season) – See above – am quite intrigued, tho, could do without seeing the Yanks backside EVERY episode. Does anyone else have sex on this program??
    Boardwalk Empire – HBO (renewed for third season) – Wonderful, of course, if they don’t mess up a good thing….
    Sons of Anarchy – F/X (renewed for fifth season) – Hhhmm, have loved it, but how long until the final confrontation – which will be the doom of the show? And, hey, not all Bikers are bad-boys, ya know! tsk tsk…. continuing the stereotype doesn’t help the Babyboomers who love their Baggers (the Bar-Hopper-Bike days for us are just about over… sigh…)
    The Simpsons – FOX (renewed for two more seasons after current season) No comment.
    Prime Suspect – NBC (six more scripts ordered) – Retread, tired, stick with the original, PLEASE!
    Happy Endings -ABC (six more scripts ordered) Haven’t seen it, no intention of seeing it.

    Shawn and Co., thank you for the updates, as usual. Some of these “keepers” may last another month or two, if REAL lucky. Others, I foresee longer runs IF the studios don’t mess up a good thing, as they did with TRUE BLOOD. Loved that show — but now? Gettin’ just a wee bit OUT THERE, folks. Makes me NOT want to go to Louisiana any time in the next decade! ;-J But, at least Sookie has found adult clothing to wear, and no more little-girl fantasy hand-me-downs. PHEW.

    Shame that DAMAGES was taken by Direct TV – shame for me, that is. I don’t own it, or else I’d be enjoying that show to this day. Great all around, wonderful story, and really hated not being able to see it until it’s end – and demise of Glenn Closes character – the evil slitch :-/

    And WHEN will our promised BSG start to air?!


    Connie C.

    (forgive any mispellings — had pretty major surgery four days ago and the meds are just fine, thank you!)….

  2. wow, guess I should proof-read before I Post, ESPECIALLY when only four days post-surgery! So sorry for the HORRIBLE typos, disjointed sentence structure, and just plain SLOPPINESS of my above post. ugh, I am ashamed…. 😦


    Connie C.
    Boston, MA area North

  3. Connie, cables television shows typically have 12-episode seasons. It is rare that a show on cable has a full 22 episode season. With network television, it’s typical that 13 episodes will be initially ordered for Fall and a “full season order” is when the network picks up the remaining nine episodes of the standard 22 episode season. BBC shows are another animal entirely (e.g., Luther). They don’t seem to have any set number of episodes per season and it all depends on the show. If I recall correctly, the first two seasons of Torchwood were 13 episodes each while the third (Children of Earth) was only five.

    Also, Falling Skies was renewed for a second season about halfway through its first. Can’t wait! 🙂

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