REVIEW: New Girl – FOX (Tuesday, 9:00 p.m.)

A new comedy series from executive producer and writer Liz Meriwether (“No Strings Attached”), NEW GIRL features a young ensemble cast that takes a fresh look at modern relationships.

After a bad break-up, JESS DAY (Zooey Deschanel) needs a new place to live. An online search leads her to a great loft…and three single guys she’s never met before. But Jess moves in, and through her unique sense of self and the support of her new roommates, she learns to move on.

Of her three new male roommates, NICK (Jake Johnson) is the most grounded…and also the most jaded. A law school dropout, he spends most of his time hiding under his hoodie and tending bar. SCHMIDT (Max Greenfield) is a hustling young professional who’s pretty proud of his own abs. WINSTON (Lamorne Morris), is an intensely competitive former athlete who doesn’t know what to do next-but whatever he does, he wants to win it.

In the pilot episode, Jess also meets COACH (guest star Damon Wayans Jr.), a personal trainer with a bit of an anger problem, who’s subletting a room.

Rounding out the group is Jess’ childhood best friend, CECE (Hannah Simone), a model with a killer deadpan. As their relationships progress, these five realize they need each other more than they thought they would and end up forming a charmingly dysfunctional – or strangely functional – family. – FOX

65 out of 100

Welcome to The ‘Tastic’s first new show review of the Fall, 2011 season. Due to the incredible number of new shows and potentially quality shows this fall season, we are going to be making this Fall’s reviews a lot shorter than we have in the past unless it’s a show that really just blows our socks off and needs further examination.  Unfortunately, as cute as FOX’s New Girl is, it doesn’t quite fall into that category.

New Girl really isn’t anything new.  The premise has been done a million times before and although it certainly has its moments, it’s not bringing that much to the table.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we hate sitcoms and it really takes a lot for us to be excited about them.  In our FOX new show preview we noted that New Girl didn’t look absolutely horrible and actually looked rather endearing.  We also noted that it looked similar to TNT’s My Boys.  Well, we were right on all counts.  The show is charming, if not exceptionally consistent or funny and as far as the My Boys comparison is concerned, New Girl is kind of like the TNT show in reverse with the female lead in this series being overly emotional and rather subservient and weak.

The male characters are OK, if not particularly well-developed but they are very clichéd. The style of the show is quite familiar as it is similar to Raising Hope, Breaking In, Community and The Middle with regular cut-scenes to flashbacks to provide some humorous back-story, character development and exposition.  Now, we normally enjoy shows that do this because it usually provides the audience with a quick laugh but in this case, the cut-scenes just aren’t particularly funny.

The entire pilot was very up and down for us, having moments that were genuinely funny and then whole segments that bored the crap out of this, however, Zooey Deschanel is always quite sweet and likable and the performances by the supporting cast were at least serviceable.  New Girl has the potential to be a good series but it was kind of slow coming out of the gate for us and that can spell disaster for a new Fall show and it has some heavy competition against it in the Tuesday, 9:00 p.m. timeslot (might have been a better programming decision to schedule the more established Raising Hope as the lead-in instead of vice versa).  We’re going to give it three or four episodes before we decide whether or not it gets a permanent spot in our viewing lineup and we suggest that you do the same.

You can watch new episodes of New Girl, here, including the Pilot episode, now, before it airs tomorrow night.

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