South Park Season 15, Part 2 Begins October 5th… Are You Ready?

With the fall fast approaching, many popular shows will soon be airing new episodes, prompting people to update their DIRECTV and cable packages and prepare for viewing. With this in mind, it is time to talk about what will surely be one of the most anticipated premieres of the coming season: the first episode in the second half of South Park’s 15th season.

For those who are less familiar with South Park, it is the often offensive and always clever animated comedy from Matt Stone and Trey Parker that has captured the allegiance and, in a strange way, hearts of thousands upon thousands of fans for many years now. South Park fans are used to crude jokes, witty satire relating to real life events, and general shenanigans from their favorite characters… this is why, when the first half of season 15 ended in the Spring with a sentimental and downright depressing episode entitled “You’re Getting Old,” many of the show’s fans were shocked and worried.

Lately, as tends to happen when a show has been running as long as South Park, some people have been beginning to question if the show is getting stale, and if maybe it is time to stop. There has also been speculation that Matt and Trey (creators of the smash Broadway hit “The Book Of Mormon”) may want to move on and try new things. Then, in the episode “You’re Getting Old,” it seemed that we were witnessing Matt and Trey tearing down the very fabrics of their own show.

Filled with break-ups (both of friendships and marriages that lie at the core of the show) and suggestive dialogue saying that “every week is just something more and more ridiculous,” the episode seemed like some sort of plea coming from the fun-loving, never-serious creators. It was as if they were saying that all of South Park, and all of its followers, have to grow up at some point, and that it would be best to move on before things stop being fun. Shockingly, this episode of South Park – unlike so many of its predecessors that had fans reeling with laughter – actually brought tears to the eyes of many fans.

Following the episode, everything from Facebook to blog comment sections exploded with speculation. Were Matt and Trey done? Did they cut the 15th season short with an unexpected finale? Can they even do more if they want to after the damage this episode caused to the show’s dynamics? Or, like every episode in which Kenny dies, will it simply be forgotten as if nothing ever happened? Fortunately for South Park fans, Matt and Trey seemed, if anything, bewildered when asked about the episode on The Daily Show. They gave every indication that South Park remains their main project and passion, and that the show will go on. We’ll just have to wait and see how they do it.

New episodes of South Park air on October 5th at 10:00 p.m.  Watch or Cartman will find you.

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