ALERT! Christopher Meloni Leaving Law & Order: SVU, Will Not Return This Fall

Yesterday we reported that House regular, Lisa Edelstein would not be returning for the show’s eighth and final season due to not agreeing to a pay-cut requested by producers that the other cast members (Sean Robert Leonard and Omar Epps) accepted in order to cut costs and close the deal to bring the show back this Fall on FOX.

Well, it looks like House isn’t the only show suffering from a budget crisis.  Yesterday, NBC confirmed that that Chris Meloni, who has played Detective Eliott Stabler for 270 epsisodes on NBC’s only consistent show for the last decade, Law & Order: SVU, would not be returning this fall.  NBC cites an inability to come terms with Meloni over a new contract as the reason for the departure from the series.

This makes the situation very tricky for the series as Meloni’s co-star for the last twelve seasons, Mariska Hargitay, just signed a contract extension for another season, albeit in a limited role appearing in about half the season’s episodes, with her character, Detetective Olivia Benson, promoted to a supervisory position.  Obviously, it was expected that there would be a new female co-star for Meloni but his unexpected departure means a shakeup for the whole show with two all-new leads.  So, expect big changes on SVU this Fall.

2 comments on “ALERT! Christopher Meloni Leaving Law & Order: SVU, Will Not Return This Fall

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  2. I am a dedicated viewer of SVU began its premier and since Christopher Meloni left I hate to admit the shows quality has changed a lot. The magnetism between Olivia and Christopher is missing to put more drama in each episode. Their relationship as dedicated partners on the squad often left you with the suspense that they both even though partners had something between them which couldn’t be. The way they worked together and communicated and looked at each other was thrilling. the show now with Olivia’s new partner, that chemistry I do not feel is there. I feel Christopher coming back would make a huge difference and bring us back the waiting for the next episode to see what they got into. Do not get me wrong, I still watch SVU dedicatedly as much as I can, but we need more changes in the script once in a while like circumstances happening to the rest of the cast in their lives. SVU to me is the best of the best drama shows on tv, but my Christopher and Olivia chemistry is gone.

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