TV SCOOP! CBS Ousts ‘Blue Bloods’ Creators – Is This A Sign Of Certain Renewal?

Deadline is reporting that CBS has kicked to the curb Blue Bloods creatorsMitchell Burgess and Robin Green and it has been reported that the network had creative differences with the two and that it needed to be more procedural (yuck!) in nature. Deadline notes how bizarre this is considering that former showrunner, Ken Sanzel, was exited-stage left due to his conflict with star, Tom Selleck, who thought the show was too procedural and actually refused to accept the scripts (Damn!).

Now, we don’t care about the intricacies of this mess and all of the politics involved.  If you do, read the Deadline piece because you must know by now that’s not we’re about at The ‘Tastic.  We’re all about he bottom line and what news like this means to a show that is one of the best new shows of the season, specifically in regard to renewal because Blue Bloods has been on the bubble all season long.

So as backwards as this sounds, the creators getting fired is great for the prospects of renewal.  How, do you ask?  Why bother canning the creators if you are just going to cancel the show at the end of the season, anyway?  Heck, they’ve finished filming this season’s episodes already. That combined with the comments made by Armando Nuñez, president of CBS Studios International,  Blue Bloods is pretty much cemented for a second season.

It’s perhaps not as sexy to talk about, but it has proven a success both on the network and in terms of global distribution.

Boom… see ya next fall, Blue Bloods.

3 comments on “TV SCOOP! CBS Ousts ‘Blue Bloods’ Creators – Is This A Sign Of Certain Renewal?

  1. I have always loved Tom Sellek and will give his shows a chance. Blue Bloods has a fairly good cast, although I don’t like all of them. I find his daughter, the attorney difficult to accept, and I don’t like her daughter. One is unbelievable and the other is a dork………The series plots and stories are good and the scenery is good. I can see that the production is “high dollar”. My biggest objection is Tom Sellek’s character……….He’s too serious. He needs to come alive more, not be so dead pan all the time. I want to see him more animated. One more thing…..I’m so pleased that his show is on Friday nights. Typically, there is NEVER anything on Fridays. This is a “sure spot” for viewership………………I’m looking forward to next season.

    • Patty thank you so much for reading. I have an ‘In” with Donnie Wahlberg (Danny Reagan) so I hope to be interviewing him soon. I agree about Bridget Moynihan’s character (Erin Reagan-Boyle), she is very grating but as far as Tom Selleck is concerned, I like him as Frank Reagan. I think he’s the reflective wise old patriarch of the family and he’s the anti-Thomas Magnum. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love Magnum P.I. but it’s refreshing ti see that he was cast for a more age-appropriate role this time around.

      I’m also very happy to see more quality scripted programming on Friday nights as well (even though I do DVR pretty much everything and time-shift it to begin with). I actually wrote a piece on that very subject way back in September. You can read it here.

      Also, if you’re interested I did a review on Blue Bloods way back then, as well.

      Thanks again for reading and I hope you come back soon!

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